The Crestfair Royal Trading Company


The Crestfair Royal Trading Company or CRTC began is illustrious carrier as a trade syndicate on Ironhill ( Embassytown). They made much of their wealth selling silks, produce and ores from all across Collberia in the Misheart.

As their reign expanded so did their difficulties aquiring trade goods. In order to insure that their supply lines were secure, the CRTC established a Royal house in the Freemarches. They operate mostly though policies of economic and diplomatic warfare. They have connections all through the marches and are able to leverage them to great effect, bringing unruly competitors and enemies to heal. There are times however, where the more subtle methods are unable to secure their goals and direct war is required. In such times, the CRTC will leverage is vast wealth to raise huge mercenary armies. While their hired army attacks their enemies directly, the CRTC will work to destabilize the rivals society from within. Once social unrest and rebellion has been incited, the CRTC will crush their rival.

The CRTC and The Bismark Incorporated Kingdoms have a long standing rivalry . Although the Bismarks are only of level 3 within the tower and the CRTC is formally cemented in the 4th level, the CRTC has been as of yet unable to topple the BIK. Because of the bismarks centralized and utterly incorruptible government, the CRTC cannot attack them from within. Further because of the military might of the Bismarks, the CRTC has been unable to assault them directly.

This long feud was further inflamed when the previous King of the Bismark kingdom was slain in battle with the CRTC, falling in a surprise night attack. The current Queen, Heldia Bismark of the BIK saw the way in which her father fell as personal blood insult and has declared war in perpetuity on the CRTC.

The Crestfair Royal Trading Company

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