The Bismark Incorporated Kingdoms


The Bismark Incorporated Kingdoms is a great collection of loosely bound kingdoms, and fiefdoms held by the Bismark Royal Agglomerate.

The BIK is ruled by High Queen Heldia Bismark, sovereign defender of the Crown and its People, High Templar of the Knights Bismarks, and protector of Bargovia.

The Bismark Royal family has found that by carefully monitoring new registrations within Emerald Spire, they can find weak new dancers entering the Free marches. Once the Bismarks identify a likely target, they quickly declare war on the unsuspecting fledgling kingdom and absorb them into the B.I.K or flatten them completely.

Once a new holding has been added to the Bismark lands, they quickly subjugate the rulers and people of the country, subsume the army, and redirect all assets of the country. In exchange, the newly minted Vassal is given some level of military protection as well as accesses to the free travel with in the B.I.K.

At the heart of the Bismark empire lays, Bargovia the shining capitol in the southern Free marches.


A towering fortress of white stone and forbidding walls. Though this fortress all the vast wealth of the Bismark flow. If it were not for their rigid uncompromising code of morality, ethics and conduct the Bismarks would likely stand higher on the tower than the third level. Their unwavering strict laws of conduit make diplomatic relations with the Bismarks difficult however.

The Bismarks Abhor the non human races.
They insist on a rigid code of manners. In particular, One must pay strict attention to the titles and station of the person one is addressing.
Ethically, the Bismarks are iron hard, they believe that except in a time of war, no person should be allowed to die except by their own action or hand.
They also Believe that a person is completely and solely responsible for the consequences of their actions. .
The Bismarks believe that all true power can be acquired through arms, and knightly combat. In particular any house or kingdom too weak to defend themselves deserve subjugation or death. Any such house who seeks to negotiate or stave off such a fate, is not worthy of ruler-ship.
They believe that all martial power and strength is acquired in its purest form through warship and homage to their god, Tareth
Finally the Bismarks believe that every kingdom weaker than themselves must be brought to the Light of their God and Queen least they parish and the BIK be weaker for their potential allegiance.

The Bismark Family has declared eternal warfare until the end of time upon the The Crestfair Royal Trading Company for their cowardly actions in the Battle of Barrowsfell 1697 in which the reprehensible CRTC, employed sabotage to fell the royal Monarch Erinheart bismark II. Let it be known that no action or procolamation shall ever bring these two nations to peace with the exception of the the complete and total destruction of every person loyal to the CRTC. bq).

- Excerpt From the first Royal edict of Heldia Bismark upon assuming the throne in 1698.

The Bismark Incorporated Kingdoms

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