The great beating hart and gateway to The Free Marches of Collabria. Home to the Emerald Spire, the Shifting Railway, Iron hill, Muckdown, Sovereign’s hope, and the grand ports.


  • The Emerald spire is the great ever shifting heart of Collabrian diplomacy. The towers architecture mirrors the delicate balance of Collobrian politics and continually rearranges to reflect the shifting situation in the region. At the upper most floors of the spire one can find the embassys for the great factions


  • The shifting Railway is the only natural access to the interior of the free marches. Stretching from eastern coast and the grand ports of Emabssytown all the way to Firefall Pass in the ironback mountains. The shifting railway rides the tenuous boarder between free mach countries as it snakes its way to Firefall. Given the difficult political situation with in the free marches, the railway is often the only way for royal families to transport goods, and personal to and from their holdings.


*Iron hill. Atop a great hill in the southern part of the city stands all the collected counting house, guild halls, and foreign merchant syndicates which keep the economics of Embassytown ticking. Atop Iron Hill stands the Grey Keep. Once an ancient royal holding, the Grey Keep is now the toe hold of the Imperium in Colabreia. Ostensibly the Grey keep represents the diplomatic, and economic interests of the Imperium in collaberia.

  • Sovereign’s hope. When a king, duke or aspiring emperor of Collaberia inevitably fails they surly fall to Soverieigns hope. A gaping chasm on the northern side of the Emerald Spire. With the the walls of Soverieign’s maw one will find the embassys of the lost, the last holdings of rulers who have lost everything.


  • Muckdown. A sprawling tenement packed to the gills with drifters, villains, and thieves. The slum is pilled atop itself, decades of filth compacted in on itself. yet with in the confines of the maze one may encounter sparks of light.

*The grand port. Just what it sounds like. A big ass port.


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