Caleb Von Hellemscmite


Born 350 years prior to the current age, Caleb is the heir to the Hellmschmite empire, in the Free Marches. While negotiating some kind of diplomatic allegiance with the Evermeare family Caleb was captured and imprisoned with in an iron flask.

During their foray into the Evermeare dungeon , the Aurora Guard released Caleb from his unjust improsenment.

Caleb has vowed to return to Embassytown and reclaim his families legacy.

It seams that Caleb is slightly more than he appears. Given the research of the party it has come to light the Caleb is the disgraced son of a daemon lord. Caleb has been sent in disgrace to the Material plane to redeem his mysterious failure.

Early in December, the party helped Caleb to reclaim his family’s ancient chapel which was the seat of the Helmschmite power on the material.

Later on December 29th, on the eve of imperial aggression, the party met Caleb’s sister, Lilith.

Caleb Von Hellemscmite

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