Unversitratum Arcanium

The Universitrtum Arcanium is a Collabrian university dedicated to the higher education of wizards and clerics, in addition to teaching mundane studies to undergraduates without magical aptitude.

East College, painting of the Department of Zoology

The University operates in a decentralized series of campuses scatted throughout the Free Marches. The campuses are primarily accessible via magical passageways and through the interconnected space of the Oddlian Library. The number of campuses owned by the Arcanium are estimated to number in the hundreds, however, the most influential departments are housed in four main colleges, named after cardinal directions.

Picture of the “Physics” department in East College

The majority of students in the Arcanium are mundane, or non-magical students. The college gains both monetary assets and political protection by acting as a neutral ground to store one’s heirs during times of war and deprivation. This has nothing to do with how real universities were established.

Mundane students may be taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. They may also learn rudimentary magical arts, religion, and physical combat. Students which show magic aptitude – often the scholarship students – may begin post-graduate courses. These students are mentored by an established magical professor, and are housed within one of the University’s semi-autonomous departments corresponding with their preferred field of study. Magical students are expected to complete multiple post-graduate decrees of study. To pay for their advanced education they teach the undergraduate students, pay a traditional tuition, or serve in the University Guard.

Due to its status as neutral territory, the Unversitratum Arcanium has enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence and maintains only a small standing army. The Arcanium’s decentralized structure, and the presence of numerous high powered spellcasters further deters aggression from neighboring factions. The Arcanium has an antagonistic relationship with the Archmagi of the Free Marches.

Persons of note originating from the Unversitratum Arcanium:

Balzahar Hobb, introductory lectuerer, First Circle
Ezri Von Zauberhachschule, Associate Professor of the Fifth Circle
Mistress B., Senior Professor of Conjuration
Tom Riven, conceptual artist

Unversitratum Arcanium

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