"The Ransom of Zarek" by Marobal Sul

item_-_ransom_of_zarek.jpg“…It was halfway through the doorway when a thought occurred to him. Walking back to Orbaz’s study area, he pulled down a worn old tome from the shelf. Gilded letters skittered across the cover, ‘The Ransom of Zarek’…”

Of all the personal effects, Orbaz Felbayne holds a leatherbound copy of “The Ransom of Zarek” as his dearest possession. When Chronicler Belsavis found him among the smoldering ruins of Darrowmere during the Southmoor Border Conflict as a boy, Orbaz was clutching this worn old book.

Upon close inspection there can be found a short, hand-written inscription on the inside cover:

“To my Twilight Star …
…Always, Rhogadyn”

Deep in the bowels of the Gibbs family library, Orbaz Felbayne finds an old edition of this book during his adventures in Bad Moon Rising. written on the back of a page he finds an ordered list of books as follows:

  • Genealogy of The Colibrian Free marches by T.S Fenmard.
  • Mythology of the Ageless by Sendero
  • The southern campaigns by Mexdestarious IV
  • Highly non-conformal mendorian configuration spaces of p-adic rotational symmetry groups. by Dr. Stendrostki
  • DgoxAthoa’txthul Wretched Worm of the 7th hellscape (author unknown)
  • My lusty barmaid 13; seven randy gnomes.
  • Collected true names of Gnomish totem sprites in the north-eastern ironback mountains by Tnoreski Ftorish von Lipstchnitz XIV ESP. Southern general of the third pantry.
  • Rotational spheres of ethereal vibrational Szbrotski ethereal sup-planes- Author unknown.
  • Grimore of Djin summoning glyphs by Al’Zamedihed Motozenied
  • Where is my cow? By M. Matildia

under this there is a circled title:
The Dwarvin thinking engines of GlenGerdiroheim Vol 6: Numerical encoding of alphanumeric symbols, a standardized code for information exchange By Dr. Denwricx askey

followed by a block of numbers:

115 101 101 107 032 116 104 101 032 072 101 105 114 115 032 111 102 032 108 105 103 104 116 044 032 112 097 103 101 032 049 051 055 032 108 105 110 101 032 054 032 108 097 115 116 032 119 111 114 100 046 032

and a small illustration of what appears to be a drakes skull.


"The Ransom of Zarek" by Marobal Sul

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