The Imperium of Man

The imperium of man is directed and controlled by the Great and almighty god king Xsamandor MCCLXXIX. Under his control, the everlasting Imperium of man is split into the Royal courts of the Imperium.

Also of great note and import, the Imperium of Man now claims jurisdiction over The City of Mists, which remains under the Controlas Temperaritus of The Godling, Potential righteous heir to the Throne of man.

Notable places under the jurisdiction of the Imperium of Man:

Notable people originating from or currently living in the Imperium of Man:

The worship and deification of the Godking is refereed to, by its adherents as The Worship of Man As the Worship of man is central to the ruling authority and cultural health of the Imperal as a whole, The Inquisition in an important aspect of the ruling arm of the Godking. Although small and rarely seen, the Inquisition is revered and cherished as a crucial aspect of life in the Imperium.

Mysticism in the Imperium of Man

The Imperium of Man

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