The Aurora Guard - Organization

The Aurora Guard is a haphazard police department/paladin order created by the adventuring party and the Gibbs family to clean up the Fallows. They are particularly aligned against the consumption of float and the spread of Awoken Eye death cults.

They helped the city fight of fires, cults, and a zombie/fae invasion, making waves as a force of good. They also made liberal use of the death penalty and opened slave labor prisons as punishment. Whoops.

The Aurora Guard’s main stronghold is centrally located in the fallows. The central garrison includes quarters for the main party and generals, holding cells, a secret gnomish lab, and a reflecting pool of holy water. The Aurora Guard also owns several smaller outposts in the Fallows, and a brothel-turned-cabaret.

Now that the Imperial Missionaries have taken over City of Mists as a colony, the remaining Mistheart members of the Aurora guard have gone into hiding in the underground dwarven stronghold of House Macloahir.

Members of the Aurora Guard include:

More about the organization of the Aurora Guard can be found here. You can also read about the formation of the Aurora Guard in Orbaz Felbayne’s journal.

The Aurora Guard - Organization

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