The Aurora Guard

Journal of Orbaz – 13 March


Orbaz begins drafting notes and formulating them into a codex to gain a better understanding of the powers that he has been given since Taking the Oath. Now able to organize his thoughts, he finds it useful in providing guidance for others who would harness the power of the light and wield it as a weapon against the tides of darkness … and the horrors that follows in it’s wake.

The radiance he wields as a weapon, it is only fueled by his fire inside; it originates from a higher power. To uphold these tenants, Orbaz finds that he must…

Paramount to all else; uncover the darkness and uproot it’s evil from that which it would destroy.
In doing so, one must also…
Support life and light; adjudicate those who would do injustice with divine reckoning.
End unnecessary pain and suffering; be greater than those who would deliver cruel and unusual punishment.
Give sanctuary to those in need; be a beacon whom lack the strength to defend themselves.
Seek truth and wisdom and guide those who also thirst for an opportunity to do good in the name of the Light.

The Aurora Guard

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