Taking the Oath

Journal of Orbaz – 28 February


Orbaz is watching the sun rise, it’s brilliant light clearing away the mist, rolling out the dawn. He is alone on the pier, basking in the rays of the morning. The light’s radiance banishes the shadows of the night. He let’s the warmth wash over him; feeling the tensions and uncertainties of the night melt away.

He knows what he must do, though there is nobody to teach him. He says the words, though he has not heard them before. Bowing his head, the young tiefling spoke his Oath before Ahruman, the ancient name for the sun that he remembered from his mother’s softly spoken stories as a child.

“I shall guide the people on the path and be the light that is followed,
I shall reveal the truth from the darkness,
Where there is light and life, I shall be the first to it’s defense,
Where the darkness consumes the light, I shall fight until my last
I speak these words before Ahruman the Life Binder…
the Radiant Sword…
and Shield of the RIghteous…”

Inhaling the fresh air, the paladin turned and walked back into the City of Mist … but carrying a new found aura of hope as if his passage ahead had been illuminated and he finally knew his path.

Taking the Oath

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