A stimulant mineral mined deep in mines owned by the bloodwelt family. Typically used by Trolls, Orcs, and the more “adventurous” denizens of the City of mists. It is known to create a highly excited state in its users, temporally increasing strength, constitution and blood thirst (sometimes literately).

Withdraws are often associated with violent fits, seizures, uncontrollable and violent hemorrhaging, hallucination, and in rare cases a marked increase, or spontaneous generation of temporary arcane ability.


Game rules

  • +2 str, and Con
    *-4 wis, int
  • roll 1d2 on on a roll of 1 +2 cha, on a 2 -4 cha.
  • duration:1 hour upon end of duration roll a dc 14 Con check for addiction and lose 1d8+2 hp.

Addiction: can be removed by a restoration, or remove curse spell. User needs to use more at least once ever three house or else suffer withdraws. For withdraws roll 1d20 and tell GM./


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