Only the most depraved and desperate arcane scholars dare to make their field of research the cosmology of the concentric hellscapes.


The study of Hell is a dangerous and often contradictory one. Most accounts of the outer hells are delivered from summoned and bound daemons, thus their credibility is usually thin at best. Unfortunately for modern arcana, most magi who made a study of Hell typically end up insane or dead at the hands of poorly bound summons.

Given the unreliable nature of demonic testimony, and the high risk associated with summoning daemons, both the college of free magi and the Imperial college have banned the practice. This is widely seen as a reasonable safety preconception, even by notoriously safety indifferent mages.

In most reputable institutions of modern magic, the belief in the hellscapes is dismissed as superstition. Rather, many modern magi contend that the hellscapes are simply an invention of newly summoned daemons. It is thought that daemons are rather birthed out of the aether from a disembodied existential ideal given from through intention.

In the most wretched hallows of savage Collabria however, there still remain numerous secret cults dedicated to the belief and veneration of the concentric Hellscapes. These Hell cults hold the belief that, parallel to our own plane of existence, there is a collection of concentric planes of existence. Some cults put the number of Hells at upwards of 130000, others have it as low as 9. Despite conflicting reports there are a few consistent features of the Hellscape shared by most cults. Firstly most believe that the Hells are the native home to the sadistic entities known as Daemons. Many ascribe a punitive nature to the Hells, describing them as places of eternal torment of mortals etc. The geography of the Hellscapes in not well understood as it is believed to posses a strictly non-mendorian geometry in high dimensions. Most believes in the Hellscapes share agree on a few points on the configurations of the Hellscapes. Namely the existence of

  • The Endless Maggot
  • The Forlorn city of DIs
  • Denzoria, the hungry pit.
  • The iron throne of Sargatanas
  • The twisted lands of Inzth
  • Adamantinarx


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