Lvl 8 rogue.


The Captain of the 1st Column, a contingent of the troops under the command of the Aurora Guard as laid out in the Structure of Forces for Rank and File.

She was sent on a suicide mission against pirates after returning to the City of Mists from the Imperium of Man, cited as ‘knowing too much’. She has a long scar over one eye, a vestige of her dangerous past.

After the Aura Guard left the city of mists, Zendra Leorian Volathar, and Nolan began The Resistance in The city of mists. After a messy operation to recover an Imperial weapon headed for Collaberia, Zendra and Leorian were reunited with the the Aura Guard.

HP: 71
AC: Studded leather: 12+5=17

STR 13– 1
DEX 20 -5
CON 16 – 3
INT 16 – 3
WIS 12 – 1
CHA 16 – 3

Actions: Zendra makes 2 attacks.

Rapier: 8 10(1d85)
Long bow: 8 10(1d85).

Skills: Stealth +11, Deception +6, Acrobatics +8, Thieves tools +11.

Sneak attack: 4d6

Thieves cant
cunning action.
Roguish archetype: Arcane trickster

Uncanny dodge.
Arcane trickster:
DC: 14 Spell attack: +6
Mage hand Legerdemain

Cantrips: 4 Mage hand, Firebolt, True strike, Message.
1st lvl: 4/day Comprehend Languages, Disguise self, Feather fall, expeditious retreat,
2nd lvl: 2/day Invisibility, Alter self




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