Xsamandor MCCLXXIX


Autokrator of the Righteous Holy Fire, Supreme General and Grand Commander of the Armies of Humanity, Heavenly Sword of Mercy and Vengeance, First Sovereign of The Arcane Spark, King of Kings, and Duly Elected most high Emperor Of humankind Xsamandor XCCLXXIX, 269th of his name serves as the current and eternal God king of man.

Truly recognized to be a god among men in stature, compassion and wisdom the God king has ruled, and will rule the Grand Imperium of man for all eternity. As a duly elected monarch and paragon of his people the Godking serves as a beacon of hope for all humanity.

The god king rules the Imperium of man and all lands rightfully belonging to humanity.

He is the Commander of the Imperial Army, The first great magi of the Arcane College and the Embodied Holy Fire of the Church of Man.


Xsamandor MCCLXXIX

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