Viscount Argus Tourek

Human Fighter, Lv 2


Argus Tourek is a tenacious young warrior of House Tourek. He is a direct nephew to Lord Armaggon Tourek II and hungers for an opportunity to take the field in his family’s name.

Raised at Archon’s Fall his classroom was the sparring pit and his teacher the Master of Arms. He spent his days battering away at his training colleagues; acutely aware of the gleaming countenance he cast to the spectators, the local maidens in particular.


For near a year, Argus has served to collect the levies owed from the provinces under House Tourek’s control. He’s kept no secret that he has been eager for more momentous duties and when he was finally called on by Lord Armaggon, his excitement was palpable.

He would be acting as an agent in his Lord’s stead, operating abroad to further the interests of House Tourek. There was a vortex of power churning around the City of Mist, with strange reports coming in with uncertain details. He departed immediately, with the old Chronicler Belsavis’s tiefling apprentice in tow as his squire.

Viscount Argus Tourek

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