Trinso Havenspear

Fair Haired War Cleric


Trinso Havenspear is a fair-haired youth, his cropped golden hair often brushed back or fitted under a helmet. He carries a variety of weapons for his trade, that of a war cleric. His tattered cloak and robes look innocent enough, but underneath is a durable set of armor. He is always prepared for battle, and stays away from those he deems as not pious enough for his causes.


Trinso Havenspear is a Cleric of the Church of the God king. Having been taken under the wing of the church at a young age, Trinso quickly soared through lessons with an unnatural ease of someone so young. Seeing his eagerness for the faith, the High Priests put him on a path of a war missionary, the academy whose teachings train clerics for insertion into dangerous and unknown territory.

The young man started to train hard, and was soon moved with the contingent to the City in the Mists, where he started to learn that not everything in the world is golden. Soon after his arrival, the cleric found himself faced with an inner demon, in the form of a drug called Float.

Already close to the God-King spiritually, Trinso soon became obsessed, using the drug for prophetic visions, until the church took notice of the boy as a falling star, and cast him out, not wanting to taint their glorious vision of the world with something so taboo as addictive substances.

Trinso Havenspear

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