Tobias Steelwrain


Tough as nails, hard boiled ex detective from Embassytown Tobias looks remarkably like The Great Donaldo, but hard boiled. One might even go as far as to think that Tobias is in fact a different facet of The Great Donaldo.


Tobias knows the ins and the outs of the seedy underbelly of Embassytown, and the right people to speak to when things go belly up. Tobias is also greatly familiar with the finer points of the Dance of Spires and the operation of the diplomatic side of the city. He has a more mysterious side however, something haunts is past and his path through the twisting alleyways of embassy town.

Tobias was coerced by Garuuik Kneebreaker to take part in stealing imperial weapons from a trade authority lockup. it seams that Kneebreaker was able to force the old cop to take part in this last job by kidnapping his daughter, Cassandra.

Apparently Tobias left Embassytown 16 years prior to, in the words of his daughter, “find more years.” he left after his dear wife died, an accident for which he apparently bears the blame, on some quest to bring her back. He seamed to have some bargain with Disciples of Rot to trade extra years for her return.

It was Tobias who found the Black Embassy hidden in the depths of Sovereigns hope.

Tobias Steelwrain

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