Theodora Gibbs


Theodora and her sister both ascended to the head of the Gibbs family upon their father’s demise, intent on steering their House into a brave new direction. They’ve since culled the manor of much of the gaudy adornments and extracted many distasteful members from their court.

In the days following their coronation, they’ve pledged much advocacy to the group, not least of which a uninhabited garrison for their use. They’ve promised additional resources as they become necessary.


Daughter to Sternbrig Gibbs and twin of Elizabeth Gibbs. Her and her sister are the heir to Gibbs family fortune. The Gibbs daughters are the shining beacon of morality and goodness for the future of the Gibbs family.

Controversy shook the City of Mists when the Gibbs daughters were rumored to have been kidnapped. Lucky, out party found them safe from harm in a stone depot housing Skystone bound for The Bridge. What could they have been doing in there?

Theodora Gibbs

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