The Godling


Although young, the Godling potential heir to the imperial holy see, has more power than any king with the exception of absentee God king.

Like all God King heirs, the Godling is imbued with the divine investiture of his birth write. The effect of his divine inheritance imbues the Godling with tremendous divine power, an uncanny physical aptitude, despite his young age, and an uncanny demeanor.

Seemingly unseen by those around him the Godling appears to be carrying some horrifying vestige of his corrupted mother.


After the events aboard the Rex Obliataritus The Godling assumed control over the City of mists under the auspice of a defending hero who protected the city from acts of terrorism and the corpse tide.

As the Matriacrch of the Octoravrious family has yet to be elected after the assassination of his mother, The godling also has de facto control over the family holdings as well.

The Godling maintains control over the City of Mists by placating the ruling great families, and brutally suppressing any voice of decent with The Inquisition.

The Godling

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