Thalloward Chancil


A true diplomat through and through. Thalloward Chancil has overseen the governance of her family and for nearly 50 years. By all accounts, Thalloward is a kind but firm woman. In her advanced age she as overseen some of the most sweeping advances in diplomatic policy in the City of Mists.


When she was merely 25 Thalloward inherited her families ailing legacy. She took control of the cities failing Gaurd and established a functioning, all be it corrupt, institution. She also moved to establish sweeping changes in trade policy and diplomatic relations with foreign powers. In her 30s she consolidated power by bribing, “removing” and employing every delivery driver and seaman in the city. By her 40s Thalloward had such a monopoly on the movement and sale of goods in the city that nobody moved so much as a crate without her say so. Perhaps her most important political play was the relocation of her family’s estates in the Keep of Saint Duncan cementing her as a central figure in city politics for ever more.

Even now, Thalloward still arguably wields the most power of all the heads of house in the city. From control of the city watch, to the city ports, to every clandestine operation in the fallows there is not a pie that Thallowald does not have a finger in.

Thalloward Chancil

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