Sternbrig Gibbs [deceased]


A large indulgent man, known for his short temper and decadent mannerisms.


Sternbirg Gibbs, inherited the family fortune from his father the late Sterling Gibbs. The Gibbs family makes it immense resources from shipping fine silks, grains and racketeering.

The Gibbs family has immense holdings in UnterGarten, where it farms grains, silk worms, and cotton. Sternbirg traces his lineage back to the first settlers who established farming communities on the the Mist Heart in ages past.

In recent years the Gibbs family has fallen to degeneracy and opulence. Sternbirg is know to throw opulent balls for Cambrian, and Imperial visitors who he often invites to his manor. His competitors have begun to eye the aging glutton as a weak and easy prey in the ever evolving political landscape of the City of mists.

The shining hope for the family however, are the two Gibbs daughters, Theodora and Elizabeth. Given the agnatic succession of the Gibbs family the Gibbs twins are set to inherit the throne from their elderly father and potentially right the ailing family line.

Sternburg Gibbs was killed on 06/21/ [current year]. as the result of an poorly planed arcane ritual. Or so it is said, some whisper that his death was no mere accident.

Sternbrig Gibbs [deceased]

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