Steinricht Villers

Free Mage


An Awkward and gangly young man working with the College of Free Magi. When young Steinricht speaks it is often rambling, neigh incoherent and often full of uncomfortable pauses.

Perhaps it is the volatile nature of his work has left him slightly addled.

deceased? Upon investigation the party discovered Steinritch and the entire floor of his dorm transformed into some odd flesh mound. The exact reason for this odd occurrence is still unknown.


A novice of the College of Free Magi, Steinricht seems to be a pragmatic scholar studying the strange magic occurrences in the Mist City. During the events of Gaining an Audience, after the heroes’ dialogue with Albus Albinius is suddenly cut short, Steinricht approached the group with information.

During a secret meeting, Steinricht disclosed choice information, namely that the College of Free Magi knew more of the dark magical forces in play than they were letting on. Orbaz Felbayne attempted to conscript Steinricht as an ally that could continue to research the magical effects of the dark Cult of the Waking Eye. He seemed responsive to the group’s mission, but didn’t commit anything more than information at this time.

Steinricht Villers

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