Severina Aurelius


Severina is the Matriarch of House Aurelius, a woman of impossible fortitude and virtue, and as one of the wives of the the God King of Man, her person nears sainthood.

Simultaneously, everyone in the Imperial Court knows that Severina is actually a nervous, high strung woman prone to fits of pique and rage. She had her son _____, the heir to the throne of the Godking, in her mid to late forties. (She has not sat for an official portrait since she was seventeen.) The elevation of her son to heir apparent has brought on new dimensions of paranoia and impropriety in the blessed Severina, including the adoption of mystic beliefs and court seances, hosting social events with inexplicable rules (such as the infamous Ball-Without-Eye-Contact) and the execution of members of her own family. The last eccentricity is extremely troubling. The Imperials are known to be enthusiastic about executions, however, bringing about the death of a member of one’s house is seen as a betrayal of the sacred trust.

Severina holds court in the Grand Palace of Seigneury Aurelius.


Severina Aurelius

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