Rickets [DECEASED]

80-year-old human junkie


An ancient junkie who smokes Float in the Fallows. A former associate of Trinso Havenspear.


In The Plot Thickens, Orbaz choked the shit out of this dude for some reason.

When returning to the Fallows for another errand, the group ran into a cognizant Rickets, who was preaching the words of the Church of the Awoken God. When the party confronted him, he transformed, proving he was no longer the old man that was friend to Trinso Havenspear, and well known junkie of the Fallows, and instead had changed into one of the monstrous beasts serving the new cult.

Later, as they reported to Drummand Croft, it was revealed that he had talked to Rickets just that morning. Both Trinso and Ionia were very confused, having just attacked and killed the thing they thought to be Rickets the night before.

While looking for his friend, Trinso had a relapse, and ended up taking Float. After wandering around the Fallows for a while, he found himself near the location it was mentioned Rickets was preaching that day. He worked his way closer to Rickets, before he was noticed, and sat to listen to the sermon. Eventually, the RIckets found his way over to the priest. There was a tense moment, as Rickets tried to convince Trinso to join in with their intake of Float, and the worship of the Awoken God, before Trinso jumped up and made the first move, attacking the old man with his signature move.

At this point, the float wore off, and it was revealed that Trinso had been hallucinating, and was actually in the middle of a crowded square in the fallows, and had just murdered poor Rickets. The priest rushed to his friends side, and pulled off the eye covering, only to show that the old man had finally gone blind from his heavy use of drugs. Trinso held him in his lap as he slipped from this world, the guilt of his actions already starting to weigh heavy on his shoulders. As the shocked onlookers watched and screamed at him, Trinso picked up his old friend, and carried him off to prepare to give him a proper sendoff, even as the townsfolk threw rocks, and yelled insults at him.

When he returned to the Garrison, (PAGE NEEDED) Trinso immediately set to digging a proper grave for his fallen friend, mind so overwhelmed with the days events. His party tried to get the story of what happened out of him, but he was too guilt-ridden to give them a proper answer. After digging the grave and burying Rickets, Trinso placed his last remnants of Float in with the old man, and went to sit vigil with McKlenick , who was also mourning the loss of his battle brother, following the events of The Long, Twisting Dark.

Rickets [DECEASED]

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