Reshavark Outozarch [Deceased]


An oddly charismatic man, and furtive in nature, Reshavark suddenly appeared in the Gibbs house approximately 6 months ago.

Reshavark’s manner of dress and odd accent hint at a past from the deep south of Collabria.

Reshavark is usually observed in the presence of Mr. Sternbrig Gibbs or locked deep in the bowels of the Gibbs Manor Library.


It is unclear precisely when Reshavark arrived in the city, or how he became associated with Sternbrig Gibbs. Reshavark’s exact position in the Gibbs household remains unclear however, those in close contact with the family report that he serves as a close personal adviser and confidant to Mr. Gibbs.

Others whispers that Reshavark serves as more than a simple adviser to Mr. Gibbs. Rumors of odd and secret rituals collect about the man. Most civilized folk dismiss this talk as hearsay or wild speculation. Perhaps there is a grain of truth to all these whispers?

Reshavark Outozarch [Deceased]

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