Orbaz Felbayne

Tiefling Paladin


Ongoing Writings: The Journal of Orbaz Felbayne

Orbaz is certainly a striking presence as a tall, ashen skinned tiefling donning imposing, heavy armor and a fierce Zweihander that he can imbue with blinding holy light at will to smite his enemies. Orbaz finds it difficult to trust others, having lived much of his life in self induced seclusion with Chronicler Belsavis, his only other friend and confidant.

His eyes glow with a dim white energy, a manifestation of the Oath of Radiance (see Taking the Oath) he has pledged. In the name of the powers of light, he acts as a sword of wrath against those who would bring the eternal darkness to this realm.

orbaz_-_holy_symbol__concept_.jpg Protruding from his temples are a pair of horns, forever the sign of his infernal ancestry. Around the appendages that frame his jawline he wears bands of metal alloy (as he read is fashionable among tieflings). Often Orbaz carries a masterwork relic from his friend and mentor, Chronicler Belsavis. Around his wrist and forearm can be found a string of finely wrought chain with shining tokens etched with a blazing sun linked along the length that seem to reflect even the most diminutive light.

Of all his personal effects, he holds a tattered old leatherbound copy of “The Ransom of Zarek” by Marobal Sul as his dearest possession.

Orbaz has been attempting to pull together resources to stand against the evil lurking in the city. This Order, as he sees it, has taken on the moniker of ’ The Aurora Guard ’.



Found as an orphan among the blazing ruins of Darrowshire, Orbaz was subjugated into House Tourek. Serving an apprenticeship under Chronicler Belsavis, the master of House Tourek’s library and observatorium, the young tiefling was able to develop an appreciation for the powers of light and a thirst for knowledge.

Lord Armaggon Tourek II, a taciturn man with a brilliant mind for military strategy still seeks power, even in the relative peace that followed the Southmoor Border Conflict. The seat of influence for House Tourek for generations, Archon’s Fall, served as Lord Armaggon’s governing capitol in the region and as such operated more as an armed stronghold for his ever reaching ambitions.

Over the years, Belsavis attempted to shield Orbaz from the cruel environment of the fortress and the young tiefling spent much of his childhood amidst the ancient tomes of the Chronicler’s well kept library. He read adventures of sea-bound pirates in search of ancient treasures and the heroics of man slaying cruel dragon overlords. Any time he passed a bannerman of House Tourek and found himself shoved aside, with cruel jeers telling of his infernal heritage whispered under breath, he vowed to find the strength to defend himself along with others not able to do so for themselves.

For the first time he can remember, he finds himself sent out of Archon’s Fall. Tending as a squire to Viscount Argus Tourek, the nephew of Lord Tourek himself, Orbaz is soon separated from the sagely wisdom and paternal love of Chronicler Belsavis and sent on an undisclosed mission to the Mist City, where rumors of a great power have begun to mill around the enigmatic city.

Orbaz Felbayne

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