Ogruth Lostson


Standing at 4’4" Ogruth’s stature may not inspire fear in his enemies, but where is height fails to inspire fear, his reputation picks up.


The first thing a young dwarf in Muckdown learns is to not ask after Ogruth’s past. Rumors of a lost royal past, exile in disgrace, and political assassinations swirl about Lostson thick and fast.

What is known however, is that Ogruth came out of somewhere in the interior of Collaberia and took up residance in iron hill. After a series of increasingly more violent trade aquisitions, Orguth was eventually officially disowned by the majority of the Trade Syndicates on Ironhill and cast out. From there, The Lostson joined the dance of spires, acquiring a small nation known as Vendelheim. From their Orguths blood rein stretched across the free marches as he subjugated, bribed and assassinated his way up the Spire. It was only when tried to knock the League of Explorers down a peg that Lostson was cast down the spire and into Sovereigns hope. Despite losing his official political clot, Ogruth held onto his ledges, markers, and favors. Now from the his embassy in Sovereigns hope, Ogruth runs a shadow empire across the Free Marches.

The Heirs of Light encountered Ogruth, after their heist of the Imperal inventory lockup. Ogruth, called in a favor from The Great Donaldo, believing him to be Tobias Steelwrain. Ogruth asked Donaldo to insure that one of his rivals, the Grenfarrow clan, disappeared from the Free marches. This task was easily accomplished by Ezri Von Zauberhachschule and som typical Collibrian diplomacy at the hands of the White Hand.

Ogruth Lostson

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