Nosagor Macloahir


Nosagor came to the City of mists many years ago as a stowaway aboard a dwarven trading vessel, with his 6 brothers. With in two years Nosagorand his his brothers ran the mining guilds and controlled all trade in stone to and from the city of mists.

Now neatly 3 centuries later, his brothers taken by The Call of the Sleeping lords, Nosagor rules the dwarven mining guilds absolutely. Despite his apparent endless longevity, lesser dwarfs begin whisper and scheme, when will their “father” be taken by the madness inherent in their nature?


Nosagor the ancient patron of the Macloahir clan in the city of mists. Nosagor is a living testament to the longevity of the the dwarfs. He has ruled his brood with an iron hand for merely three hundred years. In that time he has amassed incredible wealth by forging a ruthless monopoly on Skystone trade with the Imperium.

Nosagor Macloahir

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