A Captain of the forces lead by the Aurora Guard, as outlined in the Structure of Forces for Rank and File. A grizzled veteran, Nolan is a competent leader of the men placed under his comman.

Nolan fell sometime during the resistance fight after the Aurora guard left the Mist Heart.


Nolan was born and raised in the City of Mists, making a soldier’s living wherever he could find worthwhile work. He found good holding working for House Gibbs, but left during the height of Sternbrig Gibbs’s excess & debauchery to mercenary for the .Bluthursts.

The rise of Theodora and Elizabeth Gibbs has lead to the return of Nolan among the Gibbs soldier forces.

After the rise to power of the The Godling, Nolan was captured by The Inquisition because of his association with The Resistance


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