A dwarven agent, rescued during The Long, Twisting Dark.


During the events of The Long, Twisting Dark , Mcklenick lost his battle brother, Denrick. After escaping the prison with the party, he immediately began the Dwarven rite of mourning. Three days and three nights of mourning later, a giant party was thrown by Dwark MacLoahir for the fallen dwarf’s memory, and his battle brother. During this mourning period and party, Mcklenick was joined by and paired to Trinso as his new battle brother, presenting a beautiful battleaxe to his new friend and comrade.

While defending High hill along side Trinso, it was discovered that McKlenick was actually a woman, as told in The Corpse Tide

Mcklenick is now a faithful companion to Trinso Havenspear, she is rarely found far from his side. During the course of (evermere manor adventure) when Trinso fell in combat, she flew into a bloody rage and bravely threw off his attackers. She has also proven a valuable companion to the party as well, regularly defending them in combat and providing crucial inroads with the dwarves.

Despite her close relationship with Trinso, and the party at large, Mcklenick is still somewhat of an enigma. This likely stems from her somewhat gruff, but shy demeanor. Although she seams to wield an ancient relic war axe, and have intimate knowledge of old world dwarven society, she is a Mistheart dwarf, an outcast from dwarven culture. The reasons for this de facto exile still remain unknown.


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