Lucian Evermere

Lucian Evermere was once the head of the Wild Wood Wolves.


A hulking primal slab of man Lucian, son of the Lord of Evermear, lived for some many thousands of years. Many scars twist a patchwork across his face and body. Yet despite his outlandish appearance, he was often soft spoken, stoical intelligent, and coldly calculating.


His precise origins remain shrouded like his father’s. At some point however, he assumed the dubious honor as Alpha of the Wild Wolf pack in norther Colaberia. With his influence on the wolf pack he led continual raids outlaying villages near Farvella. It was on the night of the Raid of Farvella, that Lucian was slain by Orbaz Felbayne and Trinso Havenspear after a prolonged battle.

Lucian Evermere

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