Lord Armaggon Tourek II

Head of House Tourek, Region of Collabria


Lord Argmaggon Tourek II is the taciturn sovereign and battlefield commander of House Tourek. His seat of power is Archon’s Fall, surrounded by the treacherous Farthenfaust Mountains. He spends long hours in alone in his war room, longing for the day he can once again take to the field with enemy clear in his sights.


Lord Argmaggon Tourek II found much of his pleasure preparing himself for the battlefield, sharpening his skills in martial combat until he himself was as formidable weapon, even as a boy. His father, by the same name, did little but philosophize with his time at the helm of the House. The young heir apparent watched as his father’s lenient ways allowed his ancestral home of Archon’s Fall to fall into complacency.

Bannermen stayed home to plow fields and raise cattle. The Observatorium Wing was widely considered a destination for intellectual pilgrimage, though few honored the achievement with fealty or tribute of any kind. Most disgraceful of all, the borders of House Tourek actually declined over his father’s reign rather than spread.

All this he brooded on through his early manhood until on his twentieth name day, his father named him Lord Reagent of House Tourek in his stead. Lord Armaggon the Senior had been long been bound to his personal quarters by old age and rarely taken visitors save his old friend and colleague, Chronicler Belsavis, who joined him for tea every afternoon.

With the House finally at his disposal, the young Reagent Lord carried out a long developed plan, years in the making. He rode forth from Archon’s Fall with a contingent of fifty swift cavalrymen to collect what he viewed as a very late recompense for House Tourek’s stabilization of the region.

Few could have foreseen how ambitious the quiet young man was behind his inscrutable visage. Indeed only a few days following his son’s departure did Lord Tourek the Senior pass from old age, seeming to be sapped of all remaining strength after hearing the news of his son’s appetite for power. Hedge knights and mercenaries alike flocked to his banner with the promise of prestige and honor, strengthening his fighting force and tearing through the land.

So started the Southmoor Border Conflict.


What followed was years of struggle, as townships and havens alike were enveloped into his rule of the region. Many bore the yoke of his reign without resistance, while others fought for their autonomy. Those who were implacable were destroyed utterly. The villages of Bowenbrad, Darrowmere and Baumholder were all scoured from the map.

So it was until for many years. Now, much of the land has been claimed and disputes have become less and less frequent. Alliances have been struck with the smaller Houses between himself and the other formidable power in the region, Baron Cassius Thrynn. The smaller Houses act as a margin between the greater regimes of both House Tourek and House Thrynn. Now they sit idle and ponder over their tactical stalemate.

Eachintent to bolster their own forces and establish a finishing blow to the other, but much the opposite seems to be true. With the lack of expansion, large units of the fighting forces on either side have abandoned the cause for more lucrative battlefields.

Now Lord Tourek can be found puzzling over ancient maps deep within his fortress, exploring for any advantage. No more are the days of cleaving through foes with masterful strokes, strengthening the power of his house with every fallen enemy. He is rumored to keep appointments with strange guests from distant lands.

Dark diviners who are rumored to comprehend the art of life extension. Witchfolk clad in bizarre robes who are said to be able to enthrall even kings with their alchemical creations. It’s well known that he keeps a tiefling sprout on the premises, though nobody knows for what infernal purpose.

With no direct heir to his House and no effort being put forth to find a suitable wife, rumors have flourished. Still he waits for the wind to be at his back again. Waiting at the top of his stronghold of Archon’s Hold. Waiting for his destiny to unfold once more.


Archon’s Fall, Seat of House Tourek, Collabria

Lord Armaggon Tourek II

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