Leopold Croft


The political and legitimate head of the Croft family. Lepold, like most of the heads of house in The City of Mists, deals primary with the “legal” side of his family’s dealings. For many years, Lepold has trusted the darker sides of business to his army of enforcers, such as Drummand Croft.

Lepold is the father of sometimes Player character Wolfgang Croft.


Leopold made his family’s fortune trading between the Imperium and Collbria.

The croft family traces its linage back to Collbria, but their exact progeny in Collbria is unknown.

Lepold is an elderly man, with a reputation for comparatively fair business practices, a rarity in the city. Although a fair man, he is know for not tolerating failure, and never forgiving a slight to his name.

Leopold Croft

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