King of Winter


Brother of summer, The supremacy of winter. Time of endings and of beginnings.

At the end of The Second Age the wild hunt rode the Wild Wood on high festival nights. His court decadent, depraved and broken by newly ascendant causality. The tatters of monarchy relinquished their hold of the song of time. Three lords held the shattered verse their king returns to sleep.

Is seams however, in the twilight of the third age, the monarch of the Uncellee once again stirs.


The King of Winter, Maddoc, presides over the Court of Winter somewhere in the Wild Woods of northern Collabria. He can control time.

The party exchanged ________________ for the freedom of Asheria Lockwood, who had been contracted to live in the court at the start of the end of time.

He owns the soul of Iona Levinica Aurelius as per their contract in the Evermere Manor.

He holds a sacred compact with the Baba Yashula to protect the land; whether ‘the land’ is specifically northern Collabria remains unclear.

King of Winter

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