Iona Levinica Aurelius [deceased/without soul]

Human Female Wild Magic Sorceress, LV 9


Iona was a noble woman of the Imperium of Man and a spymistress and diplomat for the Aurora Guard.



Iona was born to Porcia Quamdiu Aurelius, the second cousin of the reigning Matriarch of House Aurelius, and an unknown male courtesan. She was born in nearly the midpoint of Matriarch Porcia’s reign. One of Iona’s generation of young women was presumed to become the next Matriarch. Her mother Portia seized this opportunity to grow closer to Imperial power. Despite her hands-off, often lackluster approach to the education of her first three sons, Portia invested heavily in Iona’s early education.

Beginning at age two, Iona followed a healthy, lively schedule for a young noblewoman. Her lessons included riding and dressage, archery, fencing, swimming, kick-the-ball and other athletic games; the raising and training of finches, choral and solo singing, mastery of the harp, pianoforte and flute, needlepoint, watercolor, sketching, statesmanship and public speech, development of a wry but tasteful sense of humor, full memorization of The History of The Imperium of Man, dance, posture, political espionage, chemistry relating to the concoction and potential ingestion of poisons, aesthetics, ethics, housekeeping, economics, genealogy, reading, writing, and arithmetic; as well as twenty five minutes a week set aside for meditation and self reflection.

Though Portia openly and avidly champiened her young daughter as a prime candidate for the next Matriarch, she was besieged by pernicious rumors. In court it was commonly thought that Iona’s her father was not free courtesan, but her mother’s favorite slave, Felix Vox. Indeed, Felix was often Iona’s primary caretaker and most frequent teacher. However, Portia vehemently denied these rumors. Besides being a slave, Felix Vox was born a barbarian from across the mountains. If Iona’s parentage was not fully Imperial she would be disqualified from ever holding the title of Matriarch.

In the underdark – and again, in the Evermere Manor- Iona made several deals with Maddoc, the King of Winter, in order to let her friends in the —Aurora Guard stay alive until the moment when she made a deal with the King of Winter to keep her friends alive. (Fae time is weird.) Maddoc reset the timeline of the universe as his side of the bargain; as her side of the bargain, Iona brought back Maddoc’s crown and gave up her soul to become a fae thrall.

Ongoing plot-hooks of note in which Iona was involved when she died:
- Carrying Whiskers necromantic book, which was killing her
- Set up a spy network through brothels in the Imperium-controlled City of Mists
- Ambiguously commanded a squadron of robots to “make a garden” in the underdark
- Unable to remove the ring of the Matriarch of House Octavious

Iona Levinica Aurelius [deceased/without soul]

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