Heldia Bismark


Cold calculating, and a respected warrior Heldia rules the entirety of The Bismark Incorporated Kingdoms. She commands complete respect from her royal Knights of Tareth they holy paladins of Bismark.

On the battlefield Heldia is always where the fighting is thickest, continually ready to support her valiant knights in their crusade across the free marches.

Heldia is a staunch adherent to the code of conduit and behavior imposed by her kingdom. Although never rude or brash in her action, she is unwavering in her conviction. Thus she has fallen from favor with in the emerald spire. She has gained a reputation for being unreasonable and unbending, a demeanor which has not earned her many friends in the Freemarches.


Heldia ascended to the throne after her father, Erinheart bismark II was slain in battle with their house’s eternal enemies The Crestfair Royal Trading Company. Although young when she ascended Heldia quickly gained the respect of the Royal Templars through her staunch adherence to their religious faith.

Under Heldia, the House bismark expanded its vassalization operations of new kingdoms of the Free marches. This program made her and her house many enemies but amassed them great wealth and military might.

Heldia Bismark

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