Gray fox

A study dedicated rogue


Int- 18
Wis- 10
Char- 14
Spell Save- 14

Mage Hand: hand can also stow and retrieve items from a person and use thief tools

Spells:4 Spell Slots: 3

Charm Person: creature makes Wis save, advantage if in combat with caster.
Disguise Self: creature must pass Int vs spell save
Illusory Script: can be dispelled but message all lost, creature with true sight can read it.
Silent Image: 15 ft squared, must make Int vs spell save to know. nothing but an image

Cunning Action: dash, disengage, stealth
Sneak Attack: 2d6
Skulker: Hide when lightly obscured, if miss ranged attack position isn’t revealed, dim light doesn’t impose disadvantage


With a dedication to bettering his studies he’s honed the practice of diligence. His heists are done through planning and preparation. From his arcane delving he’s found methods to distract and avoid guards and personnel.

Gray fox

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