Gleinollidan Fairkin


Gleinolidan fairkin is father and keeper of all the lost elves in the city of mists. In the years since he arrived in the City of Mists Gleinolidan has gathered most of the lost, exiled and traveling elfin-kind into his flock. By all accounts Gleinolidan is a benevolent father, preferring to spend his evenings carousing and socializing with his kind.

Upon taking up residence in the city Gleinolidan began work on transforming collection of floating islands above Overfarrow into the Majesty of the the Grand Orchard. Within a few decades, the Fairkin had established their power in the sale of mundane and “recreational” produce.

Any member of the City underground can attest however, the Fairkin house serve another purpose hierarchy of the city., assassination.

Gleinollidan Fairkin

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