Garuuik Kneebreaker


it is said that Garuuik earned his moniker as the kneebreaker during the incredibly bloody muckdown gang wars of 1685. He has long held a semblance of control over the underworld of Embassy down.

Kneebreaker is not only exceedingly large and strong for an Ork, he is exceedingly smart for one as well. His Scheming and bloody reputation has earned him a great deal of respect and fear with the right people of Embassytown.


Garuuik claims the lineage the notorious Broken Crow Ork warband who once conquered a huge swath of the Free marches before being put down by The Legion of Steel in 1581.

Kneebreaker leveraged his incredible strength to unite many Ork clans under his leadership before he entered Embassy town to try his hand at the Game of spires. it is said that despite his keen-mind for “negotiation” Kneebreaker was unable to abide the finer points of Colabiran diplomacy. After his failed dance, Garuuik retreated to Muckdown where he leveraged his military might and intellect in collecting and uniting the Right People of Muckdown.

Garuuik was incredibly Powerful within Muckdown until the muckdown gang wars took much of his territory.

Kneebreaker had some unseemly dealings with Tobias Steelwrain in the time before his disappearance 16 years ago. Upon Tobias’ return to Embassytown, Kneebreaker resumed scheaming with Tobias, the result of which was the recapture of a prototype imperal weapon smuggled into Embassytown by The Resistance. It appears that Kneebreaker was able to coerce Tobias into conspiracy by kidnapping his Daughter, Cassandra.

The dealing with Tobias and the Heirs of light however, ended poorly for Kneebreaker. It seams that his attempt to acquire a prototype imperial weapon brought kneebreaker to the attention of The Inquisition, Kneebreaker as well as his nephew and most trusted lieutenant did not survive their encounter with the Imperium.

Garuuik Kneebreaker

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