Fulminus Tryanith

Skeletal Wizard


Fulminus bears the causation of a malnourished lifestyle, a frail and pale body barely standing at 5’ 4". Robes of the cult lay in tatters over his skeletal form. Over that, a cloak far too large for his tiny body bears infernal hieroglyphic symbols of screaming demons and writhing worms. Parts of this cloak are patched with rusty patches representing chainmail made by some infernal hands. In his tattered pack, two tomes are seen, as are many strange and useless objects easily mistaken for pieces of trash and most likely small dead animals rotten into the fabric sometimes squeak when you are attempting to dream.

Malnourishedly hairless, Fulminus crawled out of the depths known as the Temple of the Devouring Maggot. This temple pierces the low skyline of the fearful populous of Collabira. The degenerates too unfortunate to escape the ancient ruins live inside a theater acting out the atrocities of the Seventh Layer of the Eternal Tunnel. Smoke and heat billow forth from the tower, caused by the constant ritual fire, magical byproduct, and the heat produced by the invisible demons eating away at the rotten corpses and wastes left about. Lifetimes are ended prematurely by sacrificial means to the hundreds of demons vivifying within a tiny closed biosphere with fanatical summoners as the only source of energy and will. Small mammalian flutterings are heard during the night as the smaller imps and familiars seek small children and the sickly left to rot on the streets: the only input of sacrifice and naturally warm bodies doomed to a life of service to the Endless Maggot. That which lives inside never lives for very long, unless mystical power or divine course allows life to consume all weaker organisms. Fulminus only remembers living in hiding, such as the demons do on the Seventh Layer. The books not burned for ritual purpose (or eaten for survival purpose) taught him about the life of the demon. He cannot remember exactly when his small body, corpse or otherwise, was snatched up and dropped down the chimney of the Temple, but logically it must have been before he had grown too large for the imps to capture and toss him into the representation of this hell undreamed of, but after he had learned to read. The small body of Fulminus wormed its way around the undercrofts and within and without the cracks and tunnels of the tunneling imps until it found itself in the chambers of what could have been a library in ages long ago dammed. Learning the spells and the ways of the demon from these books allowed Fulminus to grow in power, slaughtering demons and fellow acolytes alike until the Circle of Seven took notice of this magical destruction. The circle allowed Fulminus to participate in powerful summoning rituals and soon Fulminus was trusted by the Circle to exit the tower with a group of fellow fanatics to seek out a powerful summoning ritual of some foreign demon.

Fulminus Tryanith

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