Drummand Croft

Croft Family Enforcer


Drummand Carries no clear weapons, but carries himself as a long time veteran of the rough and tumble back allies of The Fallows.

Handles Personal, Acquisitions and inelegance for the Croft family.


The surly enforcer of the croft family. Works out of the back room of the Rusty Trumpet in the fallows. Drummand sent our intrepid adventures upon the first steps of their journey.

In their first meeting with Drummand he told them to look into the supporting families, and their motivation for voting for the bridge. He also instructed them to find what came out of the mists.

Not much is know about Drummand’s life before working for the croft family. Upon joining as an already aging thug he quickly made a name for himself by always seaming to be in the right place and the right time. He has a dark reputation for ruthlessness and handling business with an iron hand.

Drummand Croft

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