Chronicler Belsavis

Master Historian for House Tourek of Collabria


Chronicler Belsavis is an old man, decades past adventuring in his foreign land and well happy to live out the rest of his days puffing at his pipe in his study. Though he has lately developed a skill at falling asleep in the most diverse areas of The Observatorium, his mind is quite far from enfeebled by his age. He is sharp of thought and is still called upon, albeit rarely, as adviser to Lord Armaggon Tourek II, where he promotes peace and forethought in the growing shadow of all-out war.



Belsavis is the Chronicler of House Tourek and serves to record the history of the family as well as the region it holds. When not traveling with the Lord of the House, he maintains the Grand Library and researches the discernible cosmos in the Observatorium.

Appointed by the current Lord’s father, the now departed Armaggon Tourek the Senior, he has served for many years; long since he came to Collabria from a distant land that he speaks little of. Under the guidance of Tourek the Senior, Belsavis was able to shape the Observatorium wing of Archon’s Fall into a intellectual focal point in the land. After the passing of Tourek the Senior, the ambitions of his son drove away travelers and with only Chronicler Belsavis walking it’s halls the wing fell into disrepair.

The Chronicler was then called to the vanguard of Lord Armaggon Tourek II’s forces during the Southmoor Border Conflict, to record the campaign first hand and give counsel when asked for. His Lord was apt to use every tool at his disposal, so Belsavis provided an alternate perspective to be considered.


It was during the seizing of Darrowmere that he happened upon a quiet young tiefling boy amid the burning structures of the township. Realizing the boy to be an orphan in the thick of the carnage, he urged his Lord to allow him to be retained as an apprentice. In one swift motion he effectively saved the boy from certain death and provided himself a charge to pass on all the knowledge he had accumulated over his many years in study.

Now almost fifteen years later, Chronicler Belsavis is well finished with his days in the field and has retired to maintaining the research of House Tourek. With Lord Armaggon’s focus on military power, knowledge development seems less and less a priority and the Chronicler’s wing is little used by more than himself and his apprentice.

Chronicler Belsavis

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