Cassandra Stealwrain


at 26 Cassandra has somehow avoided sinking into the mire of corruption that is muckdown. Despite the unfortunate nature of her circumstance, she has survived Muckdown, alone, for 16 years. She is has a quick wit and an even quicker temper and has prevailed by reciting her poetry at the mended drum for these last 16 years.


Born to the Stealwrain family Cassandra was abandoned when her mother died and father disappeared when she was 16. She clearly blames her father for her mothers death, and for leaving her to fend for her self when he left. In some capacity she has implied that her father went in search of "more years to pay the disciples for his wife, " she has also insinuated his complacency in her mothers death.

When Tobias returned to the city, Garuuik Kneebreaker kidnapped Cassandra to motivate her father into taking part in his scheme to steal imperial weapons. Upon the completion of the job, Cassandra was returned to the custody of The Great Donaldo leaving the poor poet to deal with her wrath.

Cassandra Stealwrain

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