Baldstein Bloodwelt


Imagine a hulking barbarous orc squeezed into the finest suit you have ever seen. This is Bladstine Bloodwelt. It is said that his fine overcoat has been specially tailored to accommodate his enormous spiked great-sword.

Bladstine is often seen jetting about the fallows in his modified Gnomish carriage with his entourage of mystically enhanced trolls.


Bladstine and his clan run a bloody barbaric war of economics against the rest of the City of mists. They unabashedly sell Hot-rock, muscle and violence to the most desperate of the fallows. They have managed to keep their hold on power through sheer brutality and unpredictability. Yet, even the most civilized houses still find the need for the muscle peddled by the Bloodwelts from time to time.

Baldstein Bloodwelt

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