Mist Heart

The crossroads

Two part adventure. [please if you would add an expand various sections of this as you get to them]

1. first the party exists the mist. Iona has a crisis of faith, and returns to the grand cathedral of man for consultation w/ a reverend mother of the church.

The party retires for the evening, their new companion McKlenick begins his funeral rights for his fallen battle brother.

When the party comes to in the morn they find the fallows in a state of upheaval. after investigation it is found that fires rage in two separate places in the fallows. Orbaz, in a valiant display of public speaking, gathers the support of a collection of onlookers. The party and the mob of people set forth to put the fires out. There is much general heroism and baby saving. Cambria saves a baby, Whiskers prevents a clandestine lab from exploding. After the fires are put out, Whiskers offers the gnome (WILHELM LINK) a job doing research into alchemical explosives. The general source of the fires seams to be in some way connected to the activities of the awoken god. The party discovers that through out the city various sites of Awoken cult activity has exploded and set fire to surrounding buildings.

The next day, Iona does something (SUSIE WRITE DIZ PLZ). Orbaz and Cambria spend the afternoon poring over the intricate scroll provided for them by the elusive Pan, as encountered in The Bridge. The so called Book of the Crossroads is obtuse to say the least, its revelations still remain to be unveiled.

At the same time, Trinzo ventures for to find his dear old friend, Rickets [DECEASED] whom was still rumored to live. Retracing ingrained muscle memory trinzo returns to old haunts to find the fate of his once friend. Upon consulting with an old float dealer trinzo learns that perhaps rickets can be found deeper in the fallows. Before leaving however, Trinso succumbs to old habits and indulges his vice, Float. In a haze, trinso wanders the streets of the fallows looking for Rickets. Finally after much searching Rickets is found ministering to his flock. In typical fashion Rickets preaches the bizarre twisted doctrine of the awoken god, Enlightenment through communion etc. Trinso Confronts Rickets, accosting the frail old man. Perhaps it was a side-effect of the narcotic is recently imbibed, or something else, but the reality perceived by Trinso seamed to have a distinct break from that seen by those in the vicinity. Seeing a horrid facsimile of a man, Trinso drew his holy symbol and smote the old drug addict. In the aftermath of battle, trinso discovers his fatal mistake. What he thought was an aberration from beyond the understanding of man, was is fact a simple drug addicted old man. In his guilt Trinso returns to the barracks of the Aurora guard, the body of rickets in tow. In a a gesture of repentance trinso spends the evening barring preforming funerary rights for the man. To satiate some deep set desire for repentance, trinso then retires to hold funeral vigil with the mourning dwarf McKlenick.

Whiskers spends the day recruiting Gnomish laboratory assistants. (GNOME LINKS). it seams that the two gnomish brothers have a long standing rivalry. In a devious plot Whiskers conceives a way to play the two of them against one another and recruit the two of them, together with their mechanical assistants.

Part II – Funeral Rites

While Trinso sits vigil with the fallen dwarf, the rest of the companions mill about the Aurora Guard Garrison. They are called on by Dwark MacLoahir, who is horrified to find out their lack of readiness for the second half of the dwarven funeral ceremonies. He immediately coordinates the necessary preparations.

The eulogistic hymns of the grieving McKlenick reaches a crescendo before he explodes from the vigil, to be greeted with the rest of the dwarven community. He rushes out in a blaze of glory, lashing out to those around in a chaotic tornado of furious limbs, effectively turning the assembly into a vigorous crowd of thumping body contact.

Fulminus Tryanith, seemingly greatly disconcerted by the dense flurry of activity, clambers up the walls and hangs himself out of reach on the ceiling, weaving himself a cocoon of sorts. Trinso, fully embracing the dwarven customs, aligns himself with some of the fiercest of the crowd, drawing the admiring nods of many dwarves. Orbaz listens intently to the dwarven drinking ballads and with a wave of inspiration, sings out with the dwarves. At the conclusion of the epic ballad, he jumps onto a nearby table and extends it with an additional stanza in a clarion call ringing through the halls, much to the appreciation of the dwarf power-drinkers.

(I can’t remember if Whiskers or Cambreia had interaction during the party, so plz supplement here if someone recalls anything notable.)

This continues for three full days.

At the end of which the dwarves, as cheerful and high spirited as the day is long, pack away the empty kegs and any ceremonial armor that survived the introductory clash and were on their way, leaving the companions in various states of disarray.

Troop inspection
Seeing Dwarvin compound.

Sesh 2. “fixing” gang problems.
encountering flesh dorm.
sleepless night.


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