Mist Heart

The Corpse Tide

Undeath begets death....


The beginning of the evening started off with the arrival of a ghostly ship into the harbor, greeted by none other than the mysterious Asheria Lockwood. She promptly explained that Taelious could find the Seekers at an address marked on a map. Meanwhile, the party was interrogating Whiskers following his experiments with humans destined for the gallows. After some intense negotiation, it was determined that Whiskers would be tasked with an impossible mission: Infiltrating the Rex Oblitarius.

Shortly there after, Taelious arrived, explaining that nothing else mattered, and that he needed to find the Seekers. After a short questioning period, it was determined that the party were these ‘Seekers’ he was after, and that we were needed to prevent his companions from reaching the Mist Heart, and allowing their portions of the First Verse to find their way into the Citadel hidden in the mists.

When the party showed hesitation to finding these two Barrow Lords immediately, Taelious left, taking up a post as near to the High Bridge as possible. While this ended up being outside of Saint Duncan’s Keep, instead of on the bridge itself,

Our party of adventures then began with troop placements, making sure the incoming tide of undeath would be held off as long as possible. Almost immediately, Trinso Havenspear , Cambraeia Zelphaer , and Taelious were forced to prevent the line from collapsing, aided by McKlenick . After hacking off many body parts and rescuing the footmen of the Aurora Guard, Silear arrived to inform the group that the first of the Barrow Lords had arrived on the other side of the river. Taelious immediately dashed off, determined to prevent the Lords from reaching the Mist Heart.

Just as Silear flew overhead, Ionia Levinica Aurelius was coming down the river on the raft built to catapult the remains of the revenant into the mists. Upon spotting the towering figure of the Barrow Lord, Ionia ordered the siege engineer Bruno von Heimlich to fire a boulder covered in oil. The siege engineer grumbled about having had the opportunity to go to art school, but his father had forced him into engineering, he fired off a perfect shot, nailing the Hag right in the face. She screamed and reeled, falling backward and trying to retreat off the dock before Whiskers,Orbaz, and Fulminus finished her off, only for a ear shrieking howl to pierce the night.

Cambraeia, Trinso, and McKlenick all stayed to reinforce the line, and coordinate troop movements. Suddenly, a large surge of zombies arrived from the east, forcing the line to fall back, and group up at secondary locations. Cambraeia ran off for help, while McKlenick and Trinso stayed behind to keep access to the bridge to Highhill and the Mist Heart protected. Slowly the zombies shambled up the road, building up to overwhelming odds. With a small prayer, and encouragement to the men of the Aurora Guard, Trinso set up at the bottom of the stairs with his Battle Brother, ready to fight to the last breath to keep the city safe. As the zombies arrived, the pair jumped right into the fray, assisted by a dwarven strong-box, and a dozen men with bows, hacking and slashing their way through a huge number of the undead, assisted by a wall of spiritual guardians in pummeling the front line before being overwhelmed. A blast of divine energy, fearing the zombies away bought precious moments, allowing a few quick heals before heading back into combat. Tirelessly, they swung their twinned axes, buying as much time for the city above as possible. Eventually the pair wore down, slowly being clamored over by the horde. As he lay there dying, Trinso had a flash of vision, an man in a robe helping lift him to his feet, and informing them he had done well, but it was not his time to die yet. As the world suddenly came back into view, the war cleric took a ragged gasp, leaning over to push the last of his magic into the body of his battle-bonded dwarven friend, reviving the now correctly identified female dwarf back from the edges of death itself. Together, they limped to the edge of the market square, looking around at the countless littered bodies of foes, intermixed with the remains of the brave soldiers who fought beside them.

With Trinso and McKlenick on the brink of death, the settled into a defensive formation, ready to fight the second of the Barrow Lords, the lord of the Moon. Luckily, the rest of the party arrived in time, drawing attention away from the nearly dead pair of warriors. With a few well placed attacks, the deadly wolf was silenced in no time.

Upon his death, Taelious began to fade into the mists, being pulled deep into the heart of the island. He gave a warning as he melted away into the mists, his giant glass sword falling to the ground to splinter into two sword sized pieces, a parting gift to the Fairest child of the party, Cambraeia. In addition, an enormous beast rose out of the water several miles away from the city, leaving a new target for our adventurous party in the next session.


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