Mist Heart

Making a Stand

After igniting the volatile stores of firestone and liberating a pair of high-profile prisoners, the group narrowly escapes the Depot (see Attack the Depot), leaving behind a wake of destruction. Seeking a place of safety, they retreat back to a safehouse to collect their thoughts. While the rest of the group waits behind in a darkened alleyway, Whiskers and Cambraeia Zelphaer probe the location for any signs that they have been followed.

Who they find is an agent of House Lockwood, who had been expecting them. After Trinso Havenspear and Orbaz Felbayne had seen that the girls were safely barricaded upstairs, the Lockwood operative divulged a bit of information.

First of which, he addressed Whiskers’ inquiry into the deaths of his brothers and his traveling companion, Viscount Argus Tourek. The Lockwood operative was able to provide the circumstances of the Viscount’s death, which involved some sort of macabre ritual in which Sternbrig Gibbs was present. What occurred to the mouselings is less clear.

What can be confirmed is that an assassin almost certainly hired from House Fairkin subdued Whiskers’ brothers with a sort of neurotoxin that left them in a state of stasis so near-death, that even trained professionals would find it difficult to discern.

The operative even hinted about having knowledge to the whereabouts of Rhoegadyn, the absent father of Orbaz. This left the tiefling noticeably rattled.

After divulging the information, the elven operative offered safe haven for the Gibbs daughters and assessed the group’s fee. The account was negotiated into the ‘favors’ department, as the exorbitant fee was much more than the group was able to cover.

The group would take out Sternbrig Gibbs. Though some of the group, not least of which Ionia Levinica Aurelius, had little qualms with carrying out an outright assassination, others seen the encounter as an opportunity to get face-to-face with a man who they believe has a great deal to explain for.

As a parting gift of sorts, the operative warned them of incoming soldiers, likely retaliating for the hostilities at the depot. The party turned their attention to fortifying the safehouse, setting up traps and closing of entry points.

The battle was hard fought and several of the assailants were taken captive, but not before an assassin ‘dropped’ into the fray. Once exposed the assassin disengaged, only to be followed by the Cambraeia. She tracked his trail back to the manor of Gleinollidan Fairkin and returned to the group.

The group questioned their captives, who indeed were sent from the Depot. Franklin, the veteran officer, revealed that they were a mere diversion party, meant only to draw the group’s attention while the assassin disposed of the escapees. Having foiled the plot and coming to the consensus that their captives are mere hirelings, the group decides to let the detainees go.

The party then withdraws, seeking out The Drunken Swan and their contact for the mission into the Gibbs facility. The session fades out with the group discussing how best to complete their task…


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