Mist Heart

Lullabies to Paralyze

The companions, during the observation of detainees in the garrison, were able to confirm their suspicions about the troubled sleep that the Fallows have been experiencing. With the help of the Spectrum Goggles, they witness the small aberrations feeding of the sleep, as outlined in Recorded Abhorrent Things.

They call on, Cambraeia and track the progress of the creatures through the city and down towards the UnterGarten. There they find the aberrations swarming into a seemingly empty storage facility. They continue on, seeking out their destination.

Descending into the compound, they find a large room, illuminated only by their magically created light. Cambeia sends her pseudodragon, Spud, to probe a hole in the ceiling. It reveals the beginning of a network of tunnels before being attacked by something, sending it scampering back to the elf. Trinso alights a stone, sending it ahead in their path. It seems to trigger a mechanism; several taught ropes overhead spring into place and a large boulder drops ahead.

They continue on as best as they can.

Entering a huge subterranean chamber, they explore their possible routes. To the east they find a large beast feeding on the black sludge covering the room with tentacles extending from it’s body. To the northwest they find a group of stitched abominations, seeming to play cards, or at least a facsimile of it.

They also inspect the edge of the chasm, opening up into a yawning hole almost impossibly wide, with no clear idea of it’s depth. From a distance, they hear the echoed reverberations of a voice, difficult to pinpoint it or hear it clearly.

They decide to try their luck with the figures around the table. The group engage with the golems, crashing their would-be card game. A super-buffing Haste spell, a spooky disembodied paw, an elf getting McStabby, an undead fear bomb and several fiery attacks later, the stitched abominations are utterly destroyed.

Whiskers and Cambeia scout ahead, finding a cavernous room with an innocuous wardrobe in the center. Whiskers investigates, finding a finely made black cloak. Admiring the craftsmanship, he dons the cloak; upon which time it is revealed that the cloak seems alive, wrapping itself around the helpless mousling and burying it’s sharp edges into his flanks. Cambreia gives it a few pokes with her sword, disengaging it from her companion; it slinks into the shadows.

Cambreia attempts to flee back to her waiting group but is cut off by several small cave dwellers. They weave a fierce magic around the elf, drawing upon her deep rooted fears. As she is falling to the onslaught, Whiskers engages in a cloak and dagger game with the Spooky Cloak, both using the shadows to mask their movements.

Whiskers eventually gain the attention of the rest of the group. Trinso, Ionia and Orbaz rush in to help beat back the vermin and restore Cambeia.


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