Mist Heart

Gaining an Audience

The group collects themselves after the events of Bad Moon Rising and seeks a safe house. The group is debriefed by their operation handler from House Lockwood, during which it is discovered the they have breached the contract. As reparation, the Lockwood agent agrees to allow the group to gain audience with the Gibbs daughters.

The next day, adjoining the sun and the moon, an additional Blood Moon appears to be in the same spot as when the zenith of the ritual was taking place. It hasn't moved from that location or dulled in it's luminosity. Ionia Levinica Aurelius makes contact with Octoravious to determine the use of continuing the 'friendship'.

Octoravious seems to have fallen from favor. The Gibbs heiresses conduct an appointment with the group, formally thanking them for their recent efforts. Orbaz Felbayne attempts to appeal to their good nature to assist the group by way of political power (i.e. funds, manpower, garrison usage, etc). They appear responsive.

The group visits the College of Free Magi to potentially pool knowledge on the strange astrological occurrence of the Blood Moon; they divulge quite a bit of technical information on the to Albus Albinius. At the mention of the Cult of the Waking Eye, they are promptly ordered off of the premises. They do receive a note from one of the underlings, urging them to meet him later that evening.

The group attends the dual coronation of the Gibbs daughters. It goes pretty well. En route to the meeting place of the junior member from the College of Free Magi, they encounter a blindfolded Rickets [DECEASED?] preaching to a gathering audience in the fallows. Whiskers is appalled by the bloody bandage over Rickets' eyes. Orbaz is appalled by the blasphemous rhetoric the Rickets is spewing. They engage the mad prophet. A hard fought encounter ensues.

The group drags themselves to the meeting with the Free Magus, Steinricht Villers. He tells the group that the College could potentially be caught up with studying the strange magical properties of the mist, even so much so that some level corruption is likely. He tells the group that there are others who fear what this could mean to the world, but is hesitant to commit further information/resources at this time.


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