Mist Heart

Friends in High Places

Fighting in the Dark

Emboldened with their new purpose to seek out the abominations that twisted their dear friend Rickets [DECEASED?] the party begins to move with purpose.

First the part meets with the Gibbs Daughters, Elizabeth Gibbs and Theodora Gibbs. After their recent father’s departure, the daughters have come into power and seam to be putting it to good use. Making good on promises of aid to the party the daughters donate a base of operation and the promise of future resources. Having not had close contact with such powerful political figures before, Orbaz finds them to be charming.

After dropping her disguise Ionia Levinica Aurelius, inquires as to the whereabouts of her “dear friend” Octoravious. Iona learns the forlorn noble is no longer in residence with the Gibbs house.

Following this Orbaz Felbayne investigates the mysterious owl figurine. He feels some type of connection to it, as well as a suggestion; “Seek Durramind’s rest”. Not certain what to expect, Orbaz presently throws the statuette off a cliff.

Next on the agenda for the party is following up on a cryptic not from the Lockwoods. Upon reaching the Lockwood’s manor, the party is given a rare privilege; admittance to the estates of furtive elves. The party then meet their case worker, an elf they met back in Making a Stand. The elf then tell them that the handling of their case in the aftermath of Bad Moon Rising was unacceptable. Apologies were extended and the party enters into an ad-hoc contract with the Lockwoods. The terms of their deal; a trade of any information pertaining to the assassination of [[:sternbrig-gibbs | Sternbrig Gibbs [deceased] ]], any information pertaining to the ritual preformed on that night, as well as one Fruit, in exchange the party learns the whereabouts of Caltarthien, Strotzenbru Flotski Gibbs and Whiskers’ brothers. They learn that Firstly Caltarthien is involved in some consortium of arcane spell casters back in Aelostrian. Further she seeks passage from the city in two two days hence. Secondly they discover that Strotzenbru Flotski Gibbs was recruited to the Gibbs family after fleeing the Swindlherst family’s wrath for some slight against them. They also learn that the mad old gnome was likely compelled to act as he did through arcane means. Finally it is discovered that Whiskers family has likely been transported to the Rex Oblitarius. Finally, They lock-woods also traded future access to certain portions of their library in exchange for documents found the the hidden laboratory in the Gibbs manor.

Last on a long list of meeting form the party, The Croft family. The party finds their dear friend Drummand Croft in much the same affable mood. This time however, the croft family seams to have a newly developed interest in the Moon. They tell the party that although the moon looks to be the same as the moon everyone knows and loves, it is in fact slightly different, namely in geography (should that be lunaography?) . He pushes the party to investigate the fraternal brotherhood of our awoken god. He also promises some level of assistance in relation to the Rex Oblitarius. Interestingly drummand notes that on his morning commute to work he was accosted by dear old Rickets [DECEASED?]. He also tells them that folks memories of the events of Bad Moon Rising are hazy at best. Perhaps the party are the only ones who clearly remember the events of that fateful evening?

Finally upon checking up on their new digs The party meetsDwark MacLoahir. They inform him of at least some of the happenings in the last few days. Dwark also pushes the party to investigate the bizarre cult of the fraternal brotherhood of our awoken god. Two of Dwark’s family members went in to investigate under the guise of a Hot Rock delivery, and never returned. Being the inquisitive type he is, Orbaz Felbayne inquires about Durrimand’s rest. Dewark tells him that Durrimand was the older brother of Nosagor Macloahir. Durrimand, hearing the call of the stone retreated under ground to dig for the gods below. Durrimand’s rest is the name given to the last tunnel where the retiring dwarf was seen.

Finally the party, getting their collective ass in gear to go deliver some justice go to investigate the fraternal brotherhood of our awoken god. The odd cult occupies an oddly lavish compound in the midst of one of the nastiest neighborhoods deep in the fallows. With in the church’s walls our intrepid heroes find a building inhabited only by one blind woman and a cohort of incomprehensible junkies. At some time known only to the reclusive (INSERT FATHER JACOBSON), service is called. The players follow the sea of mumbling float addicts into the tabernacle. Once there Father Jacobson’s two mysterious assistants lock the doors and call the congregation to order. The service began with the immolation of an enormous globe of float. As the acrid fumes begin to fill the room, the party jumps into action, assaulting Father Jacobson. At the first sign of hostility, the reverend reveals his true colors, casting a nasty barrage of spells. Furthermore, the two “alter boys” revealed their nature. After an inspired use of daylight on the part of Trinso Havenspear, and a fortuitous wild magic surge from Ionia Levinica Aurelius the party was victorious. However, during the course of their battle with Father Jacobson, most of the party inhaled an enormous quantity of float. After dropping into a drug induced hallucination, most of the party experience disconcerting visions of an oddly… maternal nature?


diecondor maxwell_strong

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